Poetry ♡

Free My Words

So, this little miss is complaining that I am not blogging anymore. So for her sake I will try to keep this blog a little more active – it feels good writing even if I am just blogging. It’s a little bit of therapy just letting the words flow freely. I am not sure where this blog is headed but there will definitely be a lot of writing since I am a writer by heart.

So, here is a poem that I wrote about the concept about being in love. I dedicate it to anyone who shares their life with a significant other or just feels this way and most I dedicate it to my soulmate and best friend and her husband.

I want to spend time with you just like we used to do. I want to smile with you and just live a life – a life of happiness just me and you. I want to see the world, count the stars and hold you tight until we share kiss good night. Let me be with you until the day I die – until our final breath bids the last goodbye.

I am quiet happy with how this piece turned out. I hope you like it.

Love you Emma and I will always be with you.

Anxiety ♡ · Depression ♡

When is this “peak” you speak of?

This is what my therapist tells me. My anxiety never reaches a peak, though. It’s been constant for years. That combined with my extremely stressful life situation makes it just a million times worse. I have been consideeing drinking until I black out. But I know that if I even drink one sip I won’t be able to stop. No, I don’t mean for one night. I mean for a good while. I need a total, freaking break out of life. Preferably a reset. If I drink myself to oblivion or if I skip eating for days – who knows. Maybe I’ll just watch kdramas and not talk to anyone for days (which is most likely).