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Free My Words

So, this little miss is complaining that I am not blogging anymore. So for her sake I will try to keep this blog a little more active – it feels good writing even if I am just blogging. It’s a little bit of therapy just letting the words flow freely. I am not sure where this blog is headed but there will definitely be a lot of writing since I am a writer by heart.

So, here is a poem that I wrote about the concept about being in love. I dedicate it to anyone who shares their life with a significant other or just feels this way and most I dedicate it to my soulmate and best friend and her husband.

I want to spend time with you just like we used to do. I want to smile with you and just live a life – a life of happiness just me and you. I want to see the world, count the stars and hold you tight until we share kiss good night. Let me be with you until the day I die – until our final breath bids the last goodbye.

I am quiet happy with how this piece turned out. I hope you like it.

Love you Emma and I will always be with you.

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I hate him. I despise him.” Fear. Anger. Resentment. They all bubbled up to the surface as she clenched her fists, her knuckles as white as the most perfect snowfall.

“You shouldn’t hate them, nor resent. Yes. He did you wrong and he is not the last one to do so. But people who do wrong are the ones who need love most. Always love unconditionally. Always live with the ability to forgive. To move on. Not only for them, but for yourself as well.”


Life lessons. ♡

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My Hidden Tears

I felt like writing a poem again. I won’t post all of my poems here only a selected few. This one is for my ghost and the ghostosaur. Sge has been struggling with the feeling of missing someone (seriously don’t understand why silence and personal space is good for my introvert side. I get so irritated of having people around me too long.) I thought of writing a poem for them. Not sure if I like it, however, I am sure they will, mainly because my ghost loves the sea (she’s a mermaid, sssh).

Here it is!

As the moon affects the tidal waves,
As I seem to let you go,
At times I have to say good bye and I never let it show,
The pain I feel inside, my painful hidden fears,
I fight to not cry as I see you wave goodbye,
Because it’s only when we’re together you’ll ever see me cry

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The last string of Hope

​Another whip. Another punch. Silence. No hope left. Another kick. Covered in mud and dirt. Her bare back was covered in scars, some ages old, some fresh and open and they were growing in numbers. All she could hear was laughter and ignorance. She could feel the steps of the ground. She felt like sge was choking, the air was toxic. All hope had left her for the life she wanted and as she was about to take her last breath she saw a group of people that were different from the ones hurting her. They were smiling, there was hope in their eyes and as she grabbed the hand reaching out to her she gained courage to just keep going on for a little longer.

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Writing 365 | Day 21

​”How do I survive all of this only to get out of this vicious cycle of emotions only to come out stronger than before? How can anyone come out stronger when I feel so weak and fragile and my life is at the end of its line. How?” 

This will be a part of one of my projects. There will be a series and the pieces will of course be longer. Life is fragile. I choose to use my time helping. That is how I survive. That’s how I want to live.

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365 | Day 15

​Tidal waves,

They come and go,
As time passes even faulty flowers öike us bloom,
And as something dies something new awaits,
Just a fresh start for some of us,
While the passed are greeted at heaven’s gates


This is just my emotions put into one text. So today’s challenge is not a sentence, but time and the passing of time. What lies ahead? 

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365 | Day 14

I love you. Every inch of you. The way you look at me, the way you make me see the world. I can feel all of this, all of that wonderful things that you do, but I wonder, do you feel it too? Will you stay with me, by my side? Will you be with me until the day I die? The future is not for us to decide, so let’s both enjoy the waves of time.”

Today’s sentence turned into a short poem from my side. :] the bold marks the sentence. I hope you like it. I dedicate this to my ghost and ghostosaur. That will be his honorary nickname.

[There are sentences missing and they will be put up this weekend.]