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Brother In Law’s Birthday

So apparantely I had blogged something really hilarious just a night ago. I did delete the post, but not without printing it. I had a good laugh.

Been visiting my brother in law for his birthday yesterday. I’m not much of a cake eater never have been – but the cake was really good. It’s called prinsesstårta and is just vanilla sauce, jam, cream and marzipan. You can of course make it totally vegan if you want to and if you want to alter the recipe – go for it! The more the merrier. I will make a vegan, chocolate inspired for my birthday. ♡

And to share my embarassment because we all need a laugh. This is how my post turned out. Consider this your treat. 😂😂

No. I don’t remember it. I took medicine and I really thought I’d dreamt that… oh well.

Time for bed my lovely little nekos. ♡ Got to go with my mum to the doctor tomorrow. ♡

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Chinese Food | Cinema

I am the worst blogger ever. I am so sorry. 😂 So, spent some time with my childhood friend today. We went out for dinner and then to the movies. I haven’t been to the cinema for a while so it was a nice change. ♡

I have been trying to clean since they are coming to check the insulation tomorrow, or technically, later today. But I gave up. I’ll just apologise ans tell them I am sorting things out – which is kind of true. I live in pure chaos; which is actually pretty hilarious because I have always been neat and tidy as a person so I am trying to get back to that routine. 🙂 It’ll take a while and I will have to make a schedule – trying to be more organized and I am telling myself: “This is not hoe a future doctor should live.” It actually works a bit saying that. I would take a picture, but that would be embarassing to say the least, bwaha. 😛

Delicious food. I am especially fond of the vegetarian spring rolls. I wish I could share them with you – that’s how delicious they are. 😻

We watched Assassin’s Creed. It was okay. I like that they had the quote: “I have become death. Destroyer of worlds.” In case you don’t know who said that it was Oppenheimer the man who first invented a nuclear bomb. Humanity is extremely violent when I think of it. Oh well, doesn’t really make sense since we also do everything to survive. 😜 Look at that, this turned out to a history lecture – well more of a statement.

I will try to post some writing later. 🙂 I haven’t gotten the chance to post all missing sentences. So I will try to get to it tomorrow. ❤

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365 | Day 14

I love you. Every inch of you. The way you look at me, the way you make me see the world. I can feel all of this, all of that wonderful things that you do, but I wonder, do you feel it too? Will you stay with me, by my side? Will you be with me until the day I die? The future is not for us to decide, so let’s both enjoy the waves of time.”

Today’s sentence turned into a short poem from my side. :] the bold marks the sentence. I hope you like it. I dedicate this to my ghost and ghostosaur. That will be his honorary nickname.

[There are sentences missing and they will be put up this weekend.]

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12/1/17 1.00 pm 

… I witnessed the most magical moment in my soulmates, my ghosts’ life. A small wedding cermony held in secret from her family. We were five people in total – two witnesses, the official and our lucky couple.

It was quick and I read a texr to them, whereas I posted the more refined one here. 😘 My ghost will of course tell you guys all about it when she has time. Keep your eyes open! :]

Congratulations to my ghost and her dinosaur. I haven’t given him his honorary nickname yet. 😇 I love you both and I wish you the best life has to offer! ❤


I will post the missing six sentences either tonight or tomorrow or split it up. They will all be scheduled to the right date, so you may have to go back in time to find them. 😘