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Work Hard, Dream Big


My personal goal for 2017 is to learn how to set limits and to learn to follow my heart no matter what anyone else says. I will have a major setback in my dreams since I will not be fully supported by my family in my decision. This is also why I can’t talk to my family about my plan to move to another city to get some grades and subjects to achieve my dream. I will tell them in time, but not until it’s all settled. Which means that I checked that yes, I have a place at a school where I can get those missing subjects and that yes, I have an apartment.

These are all things I hope I’ve achieved until summer so I can start my pre studies in August/September. Which means that I have to look and look and look and just focus financially. I am very dependent on my father in my quest to find an apartment. I will go visit him now by the end of January, mostly because he turns 60 years old this year and to discuss my future plans. I can freely share my hopes and dreams with my father, step mum and my little brother because out of my whole family, they will be the one who won’t question my decision over all.

So, my motivation now is: work hard and dream big and I will print this and frame it as a reminder that yes, while I still have a bit way to go it’s never too late to chase your dreams and that no matter what everyone else will say I will stay true to myself and to do what my heart tells me to do.

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2017 | Goals Part II ❤️

So a few days ago, I made a list of goals for 2017. There are a few more things I would like to add, though. So here they are:

• Get a better relation to food. This is vital for my ED recovery. This also includes me trying to eat the right amount and at strict hours – including breakfast.
• Switching to a vegetarian diet. I have been on one before. I don’t have a problem with it, since I am very picky about meat as it is – so I won’t feel like I actually miss it. I need to check up nutrional facts and stuff and talk to my doctor about this as well.
• Keeping a health tracking journal – for mental and physical health, of course. Just to track my habits. 🙂
• Taking care of my home better – including making it more livable and improving interior and environment to ease my anxiety. A happy home is a happy person. I realised that my interior probably does matter for a good mental health.

And that’s about it. 🙂

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two thousand and seventeen |❤️

2017I am not going to promise myself anything. However, there are certain things I need to learn.

Setting limits and saying no. I don’t set any kind of limits, at all. Which makes it easy for people to use me, since I am way too nice to actually say no even if I want to.
Be more economical. I was as a kid, where did that go? Only buy what is necessary and treat myself once in a while – even if it just ordering a pizza and sitting inside my pyjamas all day.
Taking care of myself. Meaning, I should have a self care day at least once a week; maybe a spa day one day and a movie day the second. For this, I will have a little box with self care items – such as a piece of chocolate or granola bar, a facial mask and so on forth.
Relaxing. Seriously, this one will be a heck of a challenge. My brain is constantly on 250 %. There is no stopping. I am constantly in the need of doing something, because I get extremely restless. So, I will try to learn how to relax – even if I won’t promise myself I will succeed.

I won’t make any new years promises. That new year, new me… That’s not working.

bullshitInstead, I will just try to learn some basic things I need to actually not to get stressed out. That and I will also focus on looking for where I can study, what I need to apply to medical school, focus on the Swedish Aptitude Test (SAT) and getting my drivers license private – which means no stress about driving lessons and I get to drive with someone I know and who knows me well – my dad! It will also cost me around 10 000 SEK, which is a lot cheaper than the probably 50 000 I would have to pay to take it at a driving school.

Well, now it’s time for me to take some relaxation time. I made home made pizza today – so pizza and anime now. After that I am going home to my mum to dye my hair and take a well deserved day before Christmas bath – god knows I need it. I am going to have to deal with my family for two. freaking. days.

Take care of yourselves. 😍

One thing, however, for 2017 I will make a 365 days creative writing challenge! For everyone to join in – more information about that later.😘 It’s time to get creative! 

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dream. plan. go 💋

I just realised how much I have to look into for future studies. Grade trials, subjects I need plus preparation to get a good result at the aptitude test. When there is a will, there is a wayI’ve got this. But I am not telling my family about my plans – not on my mothers’ side at least.

Well, it’s time to try to take all my scattered thoughts and just try to wind down. I am planning and I am so excited! 😻