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Hello you all. It is me. No one. Nah, I am someone, but that is about it. So, life is treating me like shit. I have been battling really melancholic thoughts and that is all I am saying. I am still alive.

But the odds of me blogging for the coming weeks are about the same as Trump making common sense so about 0. A definite 0.

Thought I’d check in to write something. 

Take care.

Daily Life ♡

Short Update

Still alive. Lack of updates. I feel like crap mentally most of the time so I am basically in bed 24/7 except those rare occassions I actually need groceries. Which is rare since I am rarely hungry in the summer. But I got some fruits and stuff.

Want to change my blog name. I have some ideas, but need to think more. 😊

Been watching Twilight. So basically I have seen all four movies (or five). The books are better. But the movies works fine in lack of motivation to do otger things. 

I will probably watch movies for the coming days or weeks. 

Well. Short update.

Daily Life ♡

Letter Writing & Teas

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I’ve spent the last few days writing letters since I have quiet a lot to catch up with. I don’t have a problem with it; I love writing. I just should have a habit of actually replying once I get them instead of letting them pile up like they have been doing – so I am doing that from now on. 🙂

I have gotten a lot of teas from my penpals. I am curious about all of them. Some of them I’ve never tried and some I’ve tried – so excited and curious about some of them. I love tea. 🙂

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Furry Stalker and Summer Waves

Summer is here with all its additions. Heat, rain, thunder and just the usual feeling of suffocation because summer in Sweden is torture since Sweden isn’t supposed to be this hot. But it’s getting cooler this coming week and it’s needed but I do of course welcome the heat back later. ♡

Yesterday I was struggling to get some pictures of Cosmos. He kept moving around, but eventually he went back to his original spot and I managed to get the pictures I wanted. 🙂

Daily Life ♡

It’s Earth Day 2017 🌍

Busy Bee

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Today is Earth Day (if you weren’t sure already 😉 ). The day we take more care of our amazing planet, which we should be doing every single day if you ask me! The day to take that extra effort to care for our planet, turn the lights off when you don’t need them, limit charging your phone because it doesn’t have to be constantly on 100%, or even brushing your teeth in the dark. These tiny little actions can make such a difference, if everyone took part! So let’s all just do something small (or big!) today, which literally takes no effort, but makes the difference.


Let me know what things you are doing today to embrace the environment, and help save it- no matter how small they are! As a keen Wildlife enthusiast, I decided to make you a list of things you could…

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