Weekly ♡

Weekly Spread 🙏

Best: Spending time with my mum. We’ve been watching movies and shows. I always love spending time with my mum. She understands me 100 % but won’t ever question my random sides. 😍

Worst: It’s been too warm. I mean, Sweden is usually not hot hot, but it’s warm and it gets suffocating and humid. We need rain frequently to clear the air and we haven’t gotten any except a few drops today (thank goodness). But it wasn’t enough. Can you tell I am not that much of a summer person yet? 😂😇

Feeling: I’ve been feeling anxious. Like, 24/7. This has resulted in my OCD  being a little worse to the extent that I can’t handle it. And even if I’ve felt that last night I didn’t feel the need to do my routines I did them out of habit. So hopefully I can break the circle soon. I really need to learn how to challenge my anxietyThe problem is that the challenging part gives me anxiety and this is a vicious cycle that literally never ends.

Wish: World peace. This has been my wish since I was a kid. When my friends and I were like 8 years old we wrote down what we wanted the most in the world and I was the only one who said world peace. I guess I was a little bit of a diplomat as a child as well. Comes with being a middle child, perhaps?

In other news: my green website is coming up soon. Which means a lot of green stuff – meaning vego friendly. I want to encourage people to try out the green lifestyle – no harm in trying and by trying it out you will not only do the animals and environment a favour; but you’ll also do yourself one by feeding your body the nutrients they need. Fun fact: There is more protein in a bowl of lentils than a piece of steak. Surprise, surprise. 💪

I will also talk with a study counsellor this coming autumn to get a science based base year to prep for eventual medical studies in the future – let’s see how that goes. 🙂 I am still not sure where to start. My mind is a constant chaos. That and I need to do something all the time – I should get a fidget spinner or a fidget cube. My dad finds it annoying that I constantly shake my legs or twirls/click a pen. I can’t help it. I can’t be still, it’s not working out for me. That just makes me restless. That’s just who I am I guess. 👀


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