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My Hidden Tears

I felt like writing a poem again. I won’t post all of my poems here only a selected few. This one is for my ghost and the ghostosaur. Sge has been struggling with the feeling of missing someone (seriously don’t understand why silence and personal space is good for my introvert side. I get so irritated of having people around me too long.) I thought of writing a poem for them. Not sure if I like it, however, I am sure they will, mainly because my ghost loves the sea (she’s a mermaid, sssh).

Here it is!

As the moon affects the tidal waves,
As I seem to let you go,
At times I have to say good bye and I never let it show,
The pain I feel inside, my painful hidden fears,
I fight to not cry as I see you wave goodbye,
Because it’s only when we’re together you’ll ever see me cry


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