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Now is the perfect time for a change. After thinking a while I realised that the more I say: “No more ubhealthy food starting tomorrow” the less likely it will be that I actually do follow through.

You realise that you want a change your lifestyle? Do it now. So what if you ate pizza for breakfast and five cheeseburgers and a milkshake for lunch? Or if you drank two bottles of sods – so what? You can still squeeze in an apple or a glass of water. Sneak in healthy habits. And do it progressively. No rush. Change takes time and it takes about 21 days to break a habit and if you do feel like having a chocolate rice krispies bar for a midnight snack – go for it. You can be healthy anyway. But it’s also important to have a reason for it. 

For me? My ideal weight is about 55-58 kgs. That was when I felt at best body wise. At the moment, my knees are about to give up. Yes, I am overweight and I am struggling with an eating disorder so my weight rarely goes up or down regardless of what I do. But my reason is simply that I want to be able to walk without feeling like my knees will give in. And to reduce the risk of diabetes. My reason and motivation is a better health. And I will struggle. Every day will be a battle. But I am not giving in and neither should y♡u.


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