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I feel like I am suffocating

Well, I am not really motivated at all to go to my dad’s for a few days. I was, I really do enjoy spending time with them. However, due to me not having any medication for my sleep and I am left with two tablets that I have to take tonight I reckon it’s going to be one long week at my dad’s. I came to the conclusion, however, that if my mental health does decrease in any way I will book an earlier train home. However, I guess I will have to try to survive the week I am there. I just have to call my therapist tomorrow to tell her to make sure my doctor prescribes medicines because my anxiety is that bad that:

– I feel like I am suffocating. My chest hurts 24/7, almost to the point that I am thinking this may be unrelated to anxiety overall
– If I do feel like this tomorrow night I will call medical advice. This is extremely unnerving. I worry constantly that I am about to die.
– The second one just increases my panic attacks.

See the cycle? So, yeah. There is a reason I haven’t blogged much. I am not really feeling that well with a 24/7 feeling that I am suffocating and that I fear that this pressure thing will eventually kill me. I have such a difficulty breathing too and it hurts around my heart. So, this is not the best situation.

Anyway, I am going to take a shower and go to bed. I have to get up at 6.45 am. Wonderful.

Blog later. x


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