Daily Life ♡

Monday Blues, or is it?

I am horrible. I haven’t really been in a mood to write these last few days and today my fingers have been itching to write something all day. But, now when I have time to sit down and actually write I don’t feel like doing it. Even though I had this idea earlier that I want to write down and I will do it before bed. That much I know. If it turns out the way I want it to remains to be seen.

I have been busy all day. Laundry, cleaning. I finally felt like actually cleaning. I told myself: “This is not how a future doctor and writer should live.” And I just started cleaning. On top of that I also made this delicious food. I am having a good day, in other words.

Well, that’s the update from me. I am not ignoring writing. Okay, maybe a littleBut I will write soonI think.


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