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Binge Watching

Do you know that feeling where you just forget the reality for a while? This happens to me when I read a book or when I find a new show to watch.

So, last year I found a korean historical/fantasy drama that I got interested in and started watching it. After three episodes, I took a break and I forgot about it. Until yesterday (since it’s 12.40 am here) when I started watching it again and I ended up binge watching for about seven hours. Oops.
I had to stop me from watching it otherwise I would still be watching it. I skipped dinner. Made a quick pause to bake and then back to watching. Kind of a nice feeling getting so involved with a story like that. 😊

So, basically. I was dupposed to post some writing today, but I’ll do it later – this time I won’t forget. I just needed this today. ♡


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