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Childhood vs. Adult | Dreams 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a…

• Doctor

• Veterinarian

• Writer

As I got older, I wanted to be…

• Doctor

• Veterinarian 

• Writer

• Teacher

• Firefighter 

I got my dreams crushed pretty early. My family made sure to tell me I would never make it to medical school because of me struggling with maths. I wonder, had they been supportive, would I have tried better? It’s still not too late to get into medical school. But I need to figure out…

I do want to help people. I always  wanted to be a doctor.

But having my family tell me that I would never ever succeed in becoming, I never tried. 

What do I want? Do I strive for this? I will do some soul searching. Find a tutor in maths if needed. Because if I find out that this is what I really want… then I will sure as heck get me there with or without my family trying to change my career path.


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