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My Top 5 Writing Tips ♥

Find the right mood. Now, this can prove to be extremely difficult. You can’t force yourself to write. If you do you are most likely to just sit and stare at a blank page and your brain will most likely be just as empty as the page in front of you.

If you’re not in the mood to write, don’t expect to write as much as you originally intended. I am not telling you to not write – but don’t expect it to be perfect. If at most, just write whatever comes to mind and don’t go through it when you do – just write.

Find inspirational music. I can not stress enough how important this is for me at least. Writers do tend to absorb every piece of aspect in the surrounding environment. If you’re at the bus station, you observe what people do around you. If you are anything like me, you probably also imagine their life story. Now, if you are not around a very noisy place where you can get your inspiration from music is your friend. Music if anything can set the mood and give you just as much inspiration. I have found out that Enya works perfect for me – but only you can tell what kind of music works for you!

Write. Just write. I told you this in the first paragraph, but this is important. You write and you edit later. You don’t write, edit, write, edit. You’ll never be consistent and you most definitely won’t be happy with the result either. Just write whatever comes to mind – even if it’s a mess and makes no sense you can always go back and edit it later or make a story based out on keywords. Writing is not always supposed to make sense – it is a world we create in the end and just like the world we live in it can be chaotic and yet hauntingly beautiful.

Don’t be too critical of yourself. This is something we all do – it’s probably a human factor more than it is limited to creative workers only. We strive to do our best and at most, a lot of us want to be perfect from the beginning. Here’s the thing: no one is perfect. However, practice makes perfect. So, if you’re not happy with your written piece, just leave it for a few days.

Here is why:

When we write and we look through it and we’re not happy with it, so we edit it right away. Been there, done that, huh? The risk is that the text will just turn out to a bigger mess than it was at first. So, when you finished writing, save the page and leave it for a few days. That way you get a break from your work and you will see your mistakes or make better changes when you open it a few days later. This works for me – but it may not work for everyone.

And last and most importantly: when you write and decide to publish it online… Some publishers don’t want work that’s been published online, that is worth thinking about. So only publish things you don’t intend to publish officially.

Second: it’s the internet. People can steal your work and use it for their own purpose. This is how it is. A tip is that before you publish your text online, mark it with a date and time and send the document to your email the day you finish it before you publish it online. That way you at least have a little proof to prove that the text is indeed yours from the beginning.

Writing on paper? Just mark it with date and time and send it to your own adress. The postal office will probably stamp it the day it comes into the office.

I hope this helps someone in some way. These are just my personal experience. 🙂 Keep writing, people! 


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