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TW; story

I was really contemplating whether I should post this or not. The reason was that it is a very heavy text and it grows darker and it won’t end well. However, the prompt I based this off upon was interesting and it turned out a little bit darker than I expected it to. But well, I am quite happy with it anyway.

TRIGGER WARNING: war, execution references
Do not continue to read if any of these would trigger you.

“The sound of gunfires were growing closer even if they were far into the distance still. Among the line of people were a family of three a malnourished mother – a woman whom probably would’ve only been in her early thirties had it not been for the worn out face. Her eyes tired and covered by dark circles. ”Mama, I’m scared.” The woman looked down towards the older one of her children – two daughters, probably not older than 4-6 years old. She smiled hesitantly at them and bent down to face her. ”Oh, this is nothing to be afraid of sweetheart. This is not our end.” Her other daughter grabbed her by the thin, worn out coat arm. In her other arm was what seemed like a plush toy – a little grey in colour and missing one eye and ear. The older daughter looked restless and was shaking as the sounds of gunfires got closer by the minute. ”I want papa”, she cried. ”And grandma and grandpa. I want – ”. Her mother hushed her. She could sense the anxiety and worries from all the others around them. ”Liese, this is not our end.” She brought both her daughters closer to them and hugged them tightly. ”Did you know that there used to be a vampire walking these streets centuries back?” This peaked the childrens interest, the youngest one letting out a surprised ghast. ”A vampire?” Her mother smiled gently at her with twinkling eyes. She laughed a little. ”Yes, Gwen – a vampire.” She paused for a while. ”Your grandmother told me this story when I was just a few years older than you are now.” She paused to check her pockets for something and fished up something that looked like two buttons. She handed one to each of her daughters who took them eagerly, studying them. ”Legend says that he wandered these streets looking for his mate – a woman whom he’d married when he was merely a human. His young wife had been taken by what appeared at that time to be a mix of wolf and men – something you would call a werewolf.” ”That makes no sense”, Liese said. ”There is no such thing as werewolfes!” Her mother smiled at her once again. ”Of course you would say that, my love. But have you not wondered why some people seem to be traveling towards the mountains at the night of a full moon? Have you not heard the wolves cry? Similarly, do you not believe in the concept of this vampire – who by all we know, may still be wandering these streets looking for his wife.” ”But how did he become a vampire?” Gwen asked. ”Was he born one?” Liese shook her head in disbelief. ”He was bitten by one, of course!” She seemed proud to know that fact. ”Although, I don’t know by whom.” ”No one knows, of course”, her mother agreed. ”This is an old tale – over hundreds of years old. It’s also a wandering tale, so what you hear from me is not exactly what I heard from my mother.” Her eyes twinkled. ”But there is a point to this story – there was a time that seems like a long time ago, that people feared these nocturnal creatures more than anything – going as far as to protect themselves with magic.” Her daughters seemed distant at this. The mother brought them closer to her and hugged them as tightly as she could. She could hear their faint heartbeats and quick breaths. ”There are things we are to fear a lot more than this. Than –”. ”Death?” The whisper was faint and she wasn’t sure she’d heard it if it wouldn’t have been for the woman next to them coming closer. The mother smiled at her. ”Death is not the end – life is merely a journey. One we’ve discovered. This is simply something new.” The woman seemed distant and scared. ”How about that you sit with us for a while?” The mother offered. The woman accepted and for a while they sat in complete silence – not a word spoken except the sound of heartbeats and the distant cries of the people around them. ”Will papa be there?” Gwen asked. ”Will grandpa and grandma be there?” Liese seemed a bit off at this. She hugged her knees tightly, faint tears running down her cheeks. Their mother brought Gwen closer to her. ”They will be the first people you see.” Liese looked up at this. ”Hugo, too?” She seemed hopeful. Their mother smiled at her. Her face seemed to brighten up at this. ”He will jump right into your arms the moment you walk into the gates.” The gunfire were close now and one by one they could hear people fall to the ground. The children were shaking, but the crying had stopped. ”Do you remember the buttons I gave you?” The mother asked them. They nodded silently. ”Hold them close to your heart. Close your eyes and think of something happy. It’ll be quick, I promise.” Her voice shivered. The steps of the men grew closer and as she faced the wall and heard the sound of her children fall to the ground she closed her eyes and the last thing she saw was her family greeting her at the gate just as she had promised.”


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