Mermaids and Tales

”You never heard of it before, have you?” My sister looked at me, somewhat curious, but indifferent to my ignorance. It wasn’t really my fault I’d never paid attention to our grandmother’s stories about the wide blue sea.

”Even if I would have, I wouldn’t have taken much interest to it – you know this, I never liked listening to nan’s stories. I got bored very quickly.” Which was half true – I just never paid attention to stories about the sea, I paid more attention to her stories about the woodland fairies and trolls. Because in my opinion, I could see them – as far as for mermaids and other sea folks – how would I ever be able to see them when they were below the surface of the reflection of the water? That was just rubbish in my opinion – I would never find out if it’d be true or not if I couldn’t see it with my very own eyes. Because just like most humans, I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it with my very own eyes – unlike my sister who believed all these stories without questioning the probability in them.
And I regretted not listening to the stories as a kid – I regretted it deeply. At least it would’ve offered some kind of comfort in my last moments of my life. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so lost if I’d listened to them – maybe I would’ve felt peace instead of panic. As I gasped for breath, I could almost feel something swimming around my feet below the surface, almost like fins and hands – probably just my imagination. I knew better than to believe in stories like that – I guessed it was just my way to make amends with my deceased grandmother and with my sister whom I’d never see again. My heart ached.
The desperate cries for help around me drowned out in my own sounds of gasping for air as the ice cold water kept washing over my face, slowly drowning me and my last thoughts until there would be nothing left.
And as I slowly accepted my fate I felt at ease. It was like I felt my grandmother’s warm hands embracing me, slowly to let it go and just relax. I closed my eyes and took one last breath before slowly letting the waves swallow me, dragging me beneath the surface. Was this how it was going to end? And suddenly, I opened my eyes, I could breathe, everything felt a lot easier. I could move freely, nothing held me back. I felt my fin and tail move freely, I swam with ease – I didn’t panic. This wasn’t the end – this was the beginning of the life I never believed existed.”


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